One of many locations at the Castillo that has, I'm sure, been captured by photographic means about a million times every year since photography came into existence. Along the right side of the fort is the portion of the moat which was filled in by the US Army in the 1840's, to add a water battery to the Castillo's defenses.

As mentioned, what makes the Castillo de San Marcos different from the vast majority of the other starforts I've visited is that there were lots of people there: Hundreds of folks were prowling around the fort, but mostly inside...and can you see any people in this nice, wide shot? Me neither. That's how big this starfort is! The entire 1300-person population of St. Augustine moved into the Castillo whenever the British would come a-maraudin' in the early 18th century, and while this was no doubt not a terribly roomy or pleasant experience, one can definitely see how it would be possible.