This plaque is on Fort McHenry's wall to the right of the main gate. Since you can't read it, perhaps you'll allow me to do so for you:

1776 Whetstone Point Shore Battery
1794 Star Fort begun · Later named for Washington' Secretary of War
1795 Reservation partly acquired by the United States
1814 Gallant defence during British bombardment inspired the writing of
1838 Full reservation ceded

...reservation? What are they talking about?? Well, back in 1914 when they put up this plaque they also didn't know how to spell "defense," so who knows what they meant by "reservation." And, sure enough, there's Francis Scott Key, as though he had anything to do with Fort McHenry. Okay, he did do something historically important, but if anyone's face belongs on the fort, it seems as though it would be Armistead's. As he was actually in the fort defending it, as opposed to being a prisoner on a British ship at the time, which is where Key was.