The reason I started this site was because I was shocked to find
that there wasn't already a definitive starforts site in existence...
but that doesn't mean the internet is a complete star fort vacuum!

Wikipedia's List of Star Forts All hail Wikipedia. This list was my primary resource for getting started on my online quest for star forts. I even added several forts to the list that I found!

Fortified Run by an engineering student in the UK, this incredible site mostly chronicles his travels through Europe in his study of fortifications, primarily the works of Vauban. There are learned and fascinating dissertations on a great many star forts, as well as information regarding what was involved in visiting these places.

Baltic Fort Route This site is a truly fascinating jumble of information regarding 14 forts in Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Russia, mostly concerned with promoting tourism in the region. There are some absolutely gorgeous graphics showing some of the general layouts of fortifications before and after the advent of the star fort, lots of touristy pictures and information...all charmingly written by people whose first language obviously isn't English: "Fortresses offer a lot of opportunities for development in an attractive nature, recreation on the ramparts, bats in the casemates, walks through parks and gardens and fishing in the moats."

Google Maps If you're not busy hailing Wikipedia, perhaps you might consider hailing Google Maps. Pictures of star forts from the ground are frequently lovely, but to me, a star fort's true beauty is only visible from above. I've also had a fine time locating bullfighting rings, nuclear silos and MiG-21's with Google Maps.

Paris Star Forts This site proved invaluable in my research for the page on the Fortifications of Paris: I knew Paris had forts, but this shows the way the forts ring the city very effectively. I went to Paris in 2007, and somehow I had NO idea there were sixteen star forts there!!

Military This incredible site is truly a wonder of cool information and even cooler graphics!

Absolute Astronomy's starforts list Astronomy? Well, they're called starforts! From what I can tell, this is a site pretty much about whatever the authors feel like writing about. Their list of starforts is supposedly from Wikipedia, but I came across some ones that were new to me! Fortwiki is an absolutely stunningly complete resource for information on US and Canadian forts, batteries, piles of rocks made by the military, etc. My first reaction when I discovered Fortwiki was to wonder what the hell I was doing, when this incredible site already existed?! I've used Fortwiki a great many times when looking for the specifics about American starforts I've written up.