Just a brief stroll to the northeast of Fort Ticonderoga is the King's Garden. This is part of Stephen and Sarah Pell's legacy, a ridiculously beautiful arboretum placed seemingly at random, next to an historic starfort. This gate was made in the early 18th century in England, and was purchased by Sarah Pell in the early 20th century to serve as the gate at the "entrance lodge" of Fort Ticonderoga, where it was installed in 1913. A run-in with a delivery truck in the early 21st century and subsequent restoration of this gate prompted those in charge of such things to move it to its present location, at the entrance of the King's Garden.

Next to this gate is a sign about the gardens, called A Layered Legacy: Click here to see it. There is also a plaque about the gate itself: Click here to see Historic English Gate.