Here's the closest shot I managed to get of Fort Montgomery. Those who have read of my travels in the Starforts I've Visited section will know that I have a sneaky tendency to get into starforts that I'm not technically supposed to get into. This is absolutely inadvisable behavior, but I do it for the good of all starforters: So you don't have to. In truth, this had been my intention when visiting Fort Montgomery, to at least see if such an adventure might be possible.

Well, I'm here to tell you that it's not. The instant I pulled into the parking area on the New York side pulloff of the Rouses Point Bridge, I was met by an extremely friendly, outdoorsy police officer, who was by no means there to give me a hard time, but who probably was there to prevent folks from doing the very thing that I had been intending to do. Which mission he accomplished. I had a nice little visit to a spot from which I was able to contemplate the fort and take pictures, but I wouldn't have made it far into the heavy riverside vegetation before the officer bonked me (politely) with his hiking stick.